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¿Por qué más sabio?   

Traditional education is one size fits all, but each child’s needs are different. 

What about those who understand very fast or very slow? Your child may be left behind or bored. As a result, they may face a world of emotional and behavioral frustrations or strained personal relationships. 

At WISER, our teachers adapt to the ways and speed in which your child learns. Each lesson is delivered when the previous ones have been mastered – meaning learning happens at your childs own pace. 

Traditional education is competitive, one wins, the others lose, it produces low self-esteem. In Wiser there is no competition, everyone goes at the speed and rhythm of it, and it is not possible to compare. We created WISER TO address the toxic competition in the traditional education system. WISER created a self-paced learning system attuned to every child. 

In the traditional system, education is limited to an instructor and an environment, if I move away from either, places like home become a place to rest rather than learn. WISER trains kids at home, without teachers, making them an active entity in their training, which has led many to move ahead of their school program by years.

¿Qué papel juegan los padres en WISER?   

Successful students are usually associated with two factors: 

1.     Their own effort 
2.     Their family’s efforts 

Family support is essential for children to build better expectations about themselves and their future, leading them to become the engine of their own development. 

Psychology tells us of the "Pygmalion effect", indicating that when parents are involved, children reach their maximum potential and learning is rapid and consistent. 

The role of parents is to prepare to be amazed by the realized potential of their children. 

¿Quién puede seguir el programa?  

WISER is for every child six and up. Our program has been used successfully by children, adolescents, adults and even the elderly. 

WISER develops advanced functioning in addition to further memory, attention, concentration, calculation speed and self-confidence. 

WISER helps children and young people tackle their traditional schoolwork with more ease and self-assurance.

Mi hijo está teniendo dificultades en la escuela, ¿lo ayudas?   

At WISER we focus on your child’s needs. We discover kids’ learning gaps and work to develop their capabilities with effects that will last a lifetime. 

Many children with difficulties in school may be highly functional, but haven’t had the right care, engagement or pace for their development. 

With WISER, kids can easily meet and exceed their grade level knowledge.

Mi hija siempre ha sido una buena estudiante. ¿Necesita ella WISER?   

When a student has very high grades in school, they may not be challenged enough to know their real capacities. 

Wiser allows kids to challenge themselves in order to know their true potential - without limits and without waiting.

¿Cuánto tiempo tardará mi hijo en ver resultados?   

Kids usually show a positive initial response. They’re enthusiastic and motivated to move with the program. 

In the short term, attention and concentration significantly improves, and with it, their self-confidence. 

In the long term, their capacities grow, impacting their academic performance and self-learning capacities.

¿Cómo puedo ayudar a mi hijo a tener éxito con el método WISER?   

 "There are two ways to be a scholar: to be born strongly gifted with nature or to have the right parents" -- Cicero

Here are just a few ways parents can help their children with WISER:

  • Provide a distraction-free place for kids to work at home
  • Respect an uninterrupted schedule for their training
  • Do not interrupt them until they are finished, especially if they seem focused.
  • Celebrate their advances every day, no matter how small.
  • Motivate them to maintain a daily cadence in their training.
  • Know that emotions are cyclical - if one day you do not see them motivated, it is normal, for them to express that.
  • Attend meetings called by Wiser.
  • Maintain active contact with Wiser's teachers and team.
¿Por qué más sabio?   

Wiser was born as a way to support the development of a new generation of learners. Kids will have to face an increasingly complex and adverse world, over which enormous threats loom. However, overwhelming technological advancements can help to increase human capacities and faculties.

¿Desde dónde puedo tomar el programa WISER?   

WISER can be practiced anywhere you have the internet and a cell phone, tablet or PC. WISER is available worldwide.

¿Cuál es el precio de WISER?   

Before you examine the quoted price, ask yourself: 

• What is the cost of poor performance? 
• What is the cost of low self-esteem? 
• What is the cost of poor training due to the Pandemic? 
• What is the cost of not having high expectations about your professional life? 
• What is the cost of a university in which you could not get a scholarship?  

Wiser can be one of the wisest investments in your future - contact our specialists to learn more.


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